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Tarpaulin bodies

The most popular type of bodies for  commercial vehicles. Its characteristic feature is a reduced kerb weight by using tarpaulin walls. Our CURT-Trail bodies offer a reliable finishing trim, a high level of impermeability, a durable front wall and a special structure, securing safety of the transported cargo.

The CURT-Trail bodies are available in three versions: Easy, Standard, Premium.

  • nadwozia planekowe

    CURT-Trail PREMIUM is a type of body excellently equipped with components by western brand producers, a light aluminium structure, a sliding side wall in the form of a curtain, removable and sliding stakes, a sliding and lifted roof, allowing to load the cargo from the side and from the top, high impermeability, and reinforced tarpaulin consistent with the safe cargo certificate (CODE XL). It is especially recommended in situations where each kilogram of the kerb weight, exceptional durability, functionality and long failure-free operation count

  • zabudowa plandeka

    CURT-Trail STANDARD is a universal type of body, which combines durability, functionality and a good price. Its characteristic elements are: a sliding side wall in the form of a curtain, sliding stakes, high impermeability. It is especially recommended in situation where durability, side cargo loading or appropriate internal height count.

  • produkcja nadwozi plandekowych

    CURT-Trail EASY is the basic type of body, characterized by a reliable structure for the best price. It is recommended wherever the best quality/price relation is important, and the loading method does not matter much

Which one is perfect for you?


Check all available versions:

  • Basic technical data (example of a 12-ton body)

    plnd schemat
    [A] Body length 4,600 ÷ 9,600
    [B] Vehicle height (in running order) 900 ÷ 4,000
    [C] Length of the cargo area 4,500 ÷ 9,500
    [D] Height of the cargo area 2,000 ÷ 3,100
    [E] Height from the base to the platform 850 ÷ 1,300
    [F] Wheel base 4,000 ÷ 7,000
    Total vehicle length 8,000 ÷ 12,000
    Vehicle width 2,550
    Width of the cargo area max 2,480
    Front overhang 3,500 ÷ 6,000
    Rear overhang 1,000 ÷ 4,000

    We prepare bodies for vehicles with the gross vehicle weight of 3.5t; 8t; 12t; 15t; 18t; 26t

Check equipment list PREMIUM

  • plnd konturowe Contour marking
  • plnd odblask High visibility back plates
  • plnd obrys Outline marker diodes
  • plnd skrz Locked plastic toolbox, 600x415x460 mm
  • plnd fart Mudguards with anti-splash mud flaps
  • plnd osl Tilting underride guards (aluminium)
  • plnd celna Fastening rope system with winding handles
  • plnd pas 2-ton stretching belts, 4m

Fitting options

We design each body directly according to the demands of our customers. Taking these demands into consideration, we also offer rich additional fittings.

Intermediate frame :
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium 400 mm board
  • Tarpaulin reinforced with a mesh
  • Tarpaulin with inserted aluminium slats – it does not require additional crossbeams
  • Internal protective curtain on the side walls
  • Thicker plywood
  • Cargo fastening system adjusted to individual needs
  • Self-supporting aluminium floor
  • Double floor system allowing to transport cargo on two levels
  • Flap on gas dampers adjusted to the lift
  • Larger toolbox
  • 30l water tank with a soap dispenser
  • Overprint of the customer’s advertisement
  • Roof air diffuser
  • Fittings allowing to transport hazardous materials (ADR)
  • Container for fire extinguishers
  • Adjustment to the requirements of learning to drive
  • System of mobile clamps around the edge
  • Spare wheel lift
  • Self-loading lift
  • Gangway to the set with a trailer


Our semi-trailers hold certificates issued by the Motor Transport Institute which confirm the safety of the transported cargo acc. to the standards EN 12640, EN 12642 CODE XL, and DCE 9.5 in terms of the durability of the curtain body, type CURT-Trail.


The system can be completed with a one- or two-axle trailer on a low hitch, made in the same way as the body of the vehicle.

EASY and STANDARD options are also available.

Download a catalogue to see all versions of our tarpaulin bodies >

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