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Box bodies

The characteristic feature of box bodies is a fully covered cargo box, securing a high level of safety of the transported goods. Thanks to it they are better protected against weather conditions, mechanical damage or access of third parties.

Box bodies are available in a non-insulated version (BOX-Trail) and an insulated version (COOL-Trail and IZO-Trail).

  • btshcemat

    Box-Trail stands for bodies adjusted to transporting sensitive goods. They are perfect at transporting goods which are very valuable or sensitive to weather conditions. There are also solutions dedicated to specific sectors available, e.g. fittings appropriate for transporting clothes.

  • nadwozia chłodnicze

    COOL/IZO-Trail to linie nadwozi izolowanych, przystosowanych do przewozu towarów wymagających określonej temperatury transportu (COOL-Trail) czy mrożonych (IZO-Trail) grubość ścian, a co za tym idzie współczynnik przenikalności cieplnej oraz rodzaj agregatu chłodniczego dostosowywany jest do indywidualnych potrzeb klientów.

Check all available versions:

  • Basic technical data (example of a 12-ton body)

    boxtrail schemat
    [A] Body length 4 600 ÷ 9 600
    [B] Vehicle height (in running order) 900 ÷ 4 000
    [C] Length of the cargo area 4 500 ÷ 9 500
    [D] Height of the cargo area 1 800 ÷ 2 800
    [E] Height from the base to the platform 850 ÷ 1 300
    [F] Wheel base 4 000 ÷ 7 000
    Total vehicle length 8 000 ÷ 12 000
    Vehicle width 2 600
    Width of the cargo area max 2 480
    Front overhang 3 500 ÷ 6 000
    Rear overhang 1 000 ÷ 4 000

    We prepare bodies for vehicles with the gross vehicle weight of 3.5t; 8t; 12t; 15t; 18t; 26t

Check equipment list BOX-Trail

  • furg kont Contour marking
  • furg odbl High visibility back plates
  • plnd skrz Locked plastic toolbox, 600x415x460 mm
  • plnd fart Mudguards with anti-splash mud flaps
  • furg odboj Roller bumpers on the back edge
  • box oslony Tilting underride guards (aluminium)
  • furg trz Door holders
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