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GABIT from Bytów is yet another manufacturer of windows to trust modern solutions of our company!

Taking care of the highest standard requires that a company implements numerous improvements during production, installation, usage, as well as during all the stages of product's transportation. In order to fulfill all the above, picking up the challenge to improve its fleet, the company GABIT decided to buy a "REDOS" STANDARD truck's body and trailer.

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Delicate, advanced quality merchandise in the form of windows, doors and portals definitely requires professional treatment.

Functionality of roof redeployment, together with bilateral roof raising possibility, that Redos Trailers offers, ensure comfort and safety of loading and unloading procedures. Internal height increased to 2 480 mm is an additional improvement which guarantees the ease to manipulate delicate materials disposed on the loading space. Due to the necessity of bringing goods to places of quite difficult topography, upper coupling soulution has been adopted as well. Windows placed on the truck, during the way, are going to be protected by specially chosen straps. Load's security at a standstill provide lockable, aluminum doors and a 900g/m3 thick tilt. CURT-Trail STANDARD set, in addition to its obvious functionality (which involves transportation of goods from place to place), thanks to the graphic design placed on the tilt, will also be the perfect advertising medium to promote GABIT's services wherever it appears.