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New Redos Trailers Sets on Man TGL Trucks

REDOS Sets Will Strengthen the Fleet of DAKPOL



During the meeting Damian Maciejewicz and Adam Maciejewicz received the keys to their new vehicles from the representatives of REDOS, Arkadiusz Pankowski and Szymon Ciorga, and representative of the producer, MAN truck & Bus Polska, Krzysztof Garstek.

DAKPOL is a company incorporated in 2006 by a merger of two family companies, which had started off  in the transporting sector in 2001. The professional experience of two brothers made them combine two businesses into one company. Soon after the incorporation of the company, Dakpol already had a fleet of 15 vehicles and several regular business partners. Subsequent years brought constant development of the fleet, implementation of the most advanced technologies allowing to facilitate transport and obtaining new partners. Today, DAKPOL administers a fleet of several dozen vehicles, mainly MAN.

DAKPOL, previously the  customer of MAN servicing centre, commenced its cooperation also with REDOS TRAILERS in the field of preparing bodies for spatial sets to the purchased vehicles. What actually decided about the choice of partner is high finishing standards and comprehensiveness in terms of purchase as well as maintenance of vehicles, all gathered in one place. The bodies together with one-axle trailers were ordered in the PREMIUM finishing standard, that is with such elements as aluminium finish, height over 3 m, curtain, sliding roof – lifted at both sides, with a gangway and a CodeXL certificate.

The purchased vehicles are MAN TGL 12.250, with an automatic gearbox and Euro 6 engine. The vehicles are covered with a guarantee and servicing contracts, in terms of both the vehicles and their bodies.