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Choice of fireplace manufacturer Kratki.pl


MG 2843

With the end of January another truck is ready to go!

This time we have the pleasure to introduce our EASY Curt-Trail truck body in version for the well-known Polish fireplace manufacturer. We are very pleased that so vibrant brand trusted our solutions.

MG 2840

Tarpaulin truck's body, or ad banner on wheels? Both!

An attribute noticeable at first glance is certainly the outstanding graphic placed on the sides of the truck. The car shown in pictures, apart from the obvious function of moving goods to places, is therefore an ideal solution in the context of increasing brand's recognition. A vehicle like this one moving on European roads certainly draws the attention of many potential customers.

MG 2845

Redos Trailers's functionality

The car's functionality, to which any experienced driver will pay attention, in this case, is right-handed option to move the tarpaulin (additionally enhanced with tensioning system with steel buckles). The protection against shifting goods from the loading space is an aluminum outline with a height of 400 mm. The strength, and the possibility of long-term, trouble-free use secures - standard in Redos Trailers - method of the zinc bath that all the metal components of the frame go through. Due to the nature of the goods transported, on our client's request, following inside measures apply: 7500 mm (length) x 2480mm (width) x 2100 mm (height). The convenience of loading and unloading protects the DHOLLANDIA lift.

MG 2858

If you'd be interested in obtaining precise details and the full range of Redos Trailers offer we encourage you to visit TARPAULIN BODIES and to contact our Sales Department.

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